In London, a large garden space is not a luxury many households have. When deciding how best to add value to your property, many of our clients simply don’t have the space to build an extension and when gardens are a luxury, it seems it is better to ‘go up rather than go out’

A loft conversion is smart building. It is utilizing space that you already have but are not using. Most property have an empty space in the roof which is too often overloaded with old junk and of course, that box of Christmas decorations from 1989!

Many surveys conducted over the last few years show that a loft conversion can add up to 10% value to your property. In today’s current market, this is an exceptional opportunity and one that buy ambien online many are thankful for at a later date.

A trend that has been identified for 2016 is the Home Office. This has already become a regular occurrence in the past few years as more and more people have excessive workloads that spill over in to home life or entrepreneurs that have started their own business need a hub to work from. Adding a home office in to your loft conversion will give you the option of transforming in to a bedroom at a later date if needed.

Another 2016 Trend is the addition of an ensuite in a Loft Conversion. Especially if your objective is to add another bedroom, an ensuite is not only ideal and practical, it can also be a stunning and modern way to take advantage of the ‘hotel room chic’ style that is becoming very popular.

If you are interested in finding out the benefits of a Loft Conversion, then Contact the Foster and Group and we will be happy to discuss your potential project with you.

North London and Hertfordshire’s top home development specialists.

The Foster and Co Group can service all home development needs!

The Foster and Co Group can service all home development needs! North London and Hertfordshire’s top home construction and development specialists.

The Foster and Co Group is a multi-department company that can offer professional services in all home development aspects. Within our Group, Foster and Co can offer a range of different teams that are highly skilled in the core sectors of home development. These include, Construction, Conversion, Windows and Bifolds and Artificial Grass.

The home development market is still growing, despite a few difficult years for the industry, home development seems to be the preferred options rather than selling up and moving. The Foster and Co group are specialist in the construction provigil.html sector and can assist you from the initial ideas until the final perfect finish.

We would like to invite you to visit our Group page to familiarise yourselves with everything that the Foster and Co Group can offer and view our home development galleries for inspiration. Our main aim is to offer a full service in which clients can optimise every aspect of their own home development all with one competent, professional and skilled company.

If you are planning a home development or are just thinking about one and have no idea where to start, then contact the Foster and Co office now where our team can answer your questions and arrange appointments to start you on your journey. From the very first appointment, The Foster and Co Group will support and guide you through your project and make sure you always feel in control.

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